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Mock Test FRM PART I – Round One Schedule

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Note:- Please refer FAQ section in this post to get more clarity on the topic.


What is qualifying round ?

Qualifying round would test your basic understanding of the concept. Clear this round means your concepts of subject are clear and you are well prepared.

What is the purpose of this round ?

FRM exam tests your concepts and application of concepts. Hence this time we divided tests into two segments, so you can understand your problem area and give you chance to improve.

Why subject wise and not full test?

Lets accept the fact, FRM syllabus is vast and revising whole syllabus while you are working in office is not possible, also it is very important that you appear for test with proper revision in order to know your problem areas. Topic wise test will help you in this. 

what if my preparation is pending ?

For 90% of the students preparation will keep going till exam, so appear for test with whatever preparation you had or at least appear for those subject tests for which your substantial preparation is done. 

When can i appear for test ?

Every  mock test opens on the said dates and will stay open till the exam day. Hence you can appear for test in you own time.

What type of questions should i expect ?

Expect Basic and simple questions. If you know concept and able to recall it you can solve it. Test is well balanced in theory and practice. 

Is there any time limit in test ?

Yes, You have to finish test in time. You get 3 min per question means for 30 questions FMP test you get 90 min in total like in exam.

what if i fail in exam or score 80% ?

Learn in both the scenarios. Find out your problem areas and take advantage of these 45 days to prepare well.  

I am planning to take all test in same day !

Avoid taking all subject test on same day. If required take extra break between two subject test in order to revise properly. 

How many times i can appear for test ?

Only twice. All mocks can be appeared twice only. Hence you make sure u give test seriously.

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